During your cruise we offer many food options along the way. From simple appetizers to complete 4-course dinners. Just let as know what fullfills your Cruise and we take care of it.

Our Prices



Snack platter cold

Dutch beef sausage, salami,
2 kinds of Dutch cheeses

5 pp.

Snack platter warm

Van Dobben bitterballs,
spicy chicken springrolls, vegetarian springrolls,

cheese fingers

€ 6 pp.

Snack platter deluxe cold

crayfish cocktail, vitello tonato, canapé with creamcheese & smoked salmon, Dutch goat cheese, walnut and honey,
mini sandwich with smoked chicken and trufflemayonnaise

€ 7 pp.

Dutch fish platter

Herring, crayfish cocktail, smoked mackerel, smoked salmon served with matching garnish

€ 7 pp.

Tapas platter

Chicken piri piri,
Albondigas(veal), Gambas, Charcuterie, mixed cheese,
Mixed olives, Bread with aioli

€ 15 pp.

(Prices are inclusive of 9% VAT)

Our Prices

Breakfast, lunch and Dinner


Croissants with butter,
jam and marmalade,
Handmade organic bread
with a plate of
cold meats and cheeses,
Warm fried bread with raisins, Crêpe with mascarpone,
jams and various red fruits,
Scrambled eggs
with tomato and basil,
Muesli with fresh fruit
and Greek yogurt,
Small smoothie or
fresh orange juice,
Coffee of tea

25 pp.



Sandwich creamcheese,
smoked salmon and cucumber, Wrap with grilled vegetables, smoked chicken and pesto, Ciabatta with Dutch cheese & tomato, Green salad with Parmesan cheese, quails egg, pine kerneland Cesar dressing, Potato salad with sweet & sour and mayonnaise of green herbs, Dessert surprise

25 pp.


Dinners can be served
for groups up to 6 persons.

2 course menu of choice

(starter, main course)

48 pp.


2 course menu of choice

(main course, dessert)

€ 45 pp.

3 course menu of choice

€ 60 pp.

4 course menu of choice

72 pp.

(Prices are inclusive of 9% VAT)

Our Prices

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